Happy Belated Everything, Dad!

Here are your Father’s Day-Christmas-Valentine’s Day socks! It only took me…. eight months?

These are them, taken with the camera on my iPhone:


Some of you may recognize this picture from a couple posts ago:


Actually, I think this is them in June 2015. And I kind of really love them. It was my first time working with Regia (I don’t know colorway or anything like that. Unfortunately the label band was eaten by the yarn gnomes). And these, like all good hand knits, have a story. I started them last year, as a Father’s Day gift. The first one went really quickly, with very little incident. Because this was my first man’s sock, AKA way bigger than my own women’s size 7 socks, the ease of the first sock gave me hope.

Yeah. Pfffft.

I cast on the second one, and the hope from the first sock made the second cuff swim by. The problem arose when I got home from work one day to find that my parent’s terrier had found the knitting and decided to decorate not only the living room, but also the front foyer and the dining room with decorative Regia garland. The knots were horrendous, and so frustrating I had to put it down for a few days. The problem was that in my annoyance I cast on something new…and, well, the socks were hidden away in knotty-exile. I finished them in October, once I had moved back to University, figuring he’d get them in the winter.

Repeat: Yeah. Pfffft.

I forgot them. Totally, utterly forgot them. I even put them beside my carryon on my dining room table and I still forgot them. I didn’t escape the ribbing and fake tears for a while.

Fast forward to now! My reading week rolled around (University’s version of Spring Break, for those that aren’t aware) and my dad got his socks…finally. I think I’ll start another pair. Has anyone worked with Regia’s ‘Pairfect’ line? Intriguing concept.

Now, before I sign this off, I want to share the extent of my dad’s knitting related jokes:

A cop is out on patrol when he notices a man knitting while driving. A little incredulous, he matches the man’s speed and yells “Pull over!” through his window. The man looks over, and yells back “No! Cardigan!”

I’m a sucker for stupid jokes, but especially knitting related humour, so I found it absolutely hilarious 🙂 I hope it makes you smile too!


The Girl with Striped Socks


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