They say hindsight is 20/20

I’m inclined to agree. I did something stupid, which resulted in something that hasn’t happened since I was little and the extent of my knitting expertise was a spool.

I got soap in my eyes.

And it burned. And then it ached. And then my eyeballs felt raw. I was seriously contemplating the name of my future seeing eye dog whilst running cold water on my eyeballs. At the same time, I was making an internal vow to never again use my LUSH handsoap as even a temporary replacement for my makeup removal wipes (no matter how stubborn the leftover mascara). I went to bed a half hour later wondering how possible it would be to turn a heel with no sight?

But I can see properly again, which means I’m both relieved and still in a good position to turn heels, which is probably a good thing because I’m going to need to soon…

The pattern is Earl Grey, invented by the Yarn Harlot. Can’t say who they’re for, just in case the recipient reads this, so that’s top secret classified for now. It’s been an interesting variation on the vanilla sock pattern, that’s for sure. Not 100% convinced the cables turn up properly with this yarn, but I’m waiting it out.

The mittens are coming along nicely, I’m quite tickled with the first:

And the second is well on its way. (Sorry for the bad picture- the lighting was weird, and it’s actually incredibly hard to get a good picture of your own hand). Now, if I could feel as much dedication for my final term paper (40% of the class’s final grade, I feel the need to mention), then all would be tickety-boo.

This education thing really gets in the way of my knitting time.


It’s not working

The hexipuffs were doing the trick until we had a cold snap. Now, with freezing fingers and warm thoughts, I cast on a pair of fingerless mittens.

Hexipuff count: 8/600