Howdy, Stranger

Hi there! Long time no see. I’d like to pretend it hasn’t been a little over two months, maybe include a witty comment like ‘time only exists on your wrist’, or maybe brush it off with an exciting anecdote of something that has earned my attention for 84 days.

I’d like to. I really would. But while the time has been long, my existence has been fairly unexciting. Finals for last semester pulled me away, and then there was Christmas, and New Years, and a new semester to get used to and my undergraduate thesis application…and between those times? Laziness. Procrastination. And a lot of knitting. Speaking of knitting, actually….

I have a nasty case of startitis. I can imagine as I type this that there are people out there who read the word ‘startitis’ and wonder what the heck I’m talking about (hi, mom!), so let me clarify:

Startitis is the general need to cast on new projects, no matter how many projects you already have on the needles (or how many projects you have already cast on for during the onset of startitis). It is crippling, debilitating, and utterly addictive. I currently have five projects in my ‘recent’ basket, and no idea how many WIPs are in my ‘long term’ basket…

Two scarves, two sock pairs (each still on the first sock), and one tiny newborn cardigan (has anyone else seen the pattern Newborn Vertebrae? Absolutely adorable.)

And yes, one of those scarves is is the utterly soft grey and brown alpaca scarf that was meant as a Christmas present for my little brother. I’m allowed to tell you who it’s for now, because he knows he has an IOU for it. It’s beginning to turn into spring where I am, which is a novelty because Canada is normally pretty fond of winter and likes to keep it up as long as it possibly can, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I really dislike the early periods of spring, when everything is slushy and muddy and wet and the skies are grey and it was just too much lack of color everyone. The brown and the grey, while both are lovely colors, flooded my retinas and I needed something bright ASAP.



Bright, almost obnoxious, pink sock on the way

This may be the brightest pair of socks I have ever knit. Definitely the brightest pink I’ve ever knit with. I think they’re going to be dubbed my Easter socks, because they remind me of the bright colors on the little foil wrapped eggs my parents the Easter bunny would hide when I was little. Does anyone else have any yarn that reminds them of good times? Good memories? I love those yarns. It makes the project so much more….. well, more I guess.

…And why yes, that is a picture of Stephanie Purl-McPhee under my obnoxiously pink yarn. It’s my signed copy of Stephanie Purl-McPhee Casts Off, and I absolutely love it. She came to a literary festival in my area earlier this year, and I swear it was the best thing. She’s like my generation’s Elizabeth Zimmerman, she’s that much of a knitting role-model.


Newborn Vertebrae, knit with West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply, Woodpigeon colorway. 3 1/4 mm needles.

And this is that Newborn Vertebrae pattern, Ashley style. I think this pattern is absolutely darling, and I’d recommend it to just about anyone. Simple pattern to follow, adorable product. Win-win, I’d say! I’m also quite taken with the picture, the backdrop of which is my boyfriend’s faux-marble countertop. It makes it look quite fancy, don’t you think?

I’ll show you the rest of my startitis symptoms tomorrow, because right now I have to attend to my cold symptoms… apparently real illnesses happen to knitters too. Whodathunk?


The Girl with the Striped Socks