Dear Weekend,

Dear Weekend,

I’m so terribly sorry. I know I said I’d work with you to get some work done, like catching up on the readings for multiple classes or preparing for the debate next week. Instead I used you for just about everything other than school-work. We went grocery shopping, did some home-decorating, and I worked on the alpaca scarf and a bit on a crochet blanket (but that’s a tale for another time- my foray into the crochet world isn’t very far at all). And, this may be the worst offence of all, I slept in…. on both Saturday and Sunday.

I don’t know how you can ever forgive me.

But I refuse to apologize for Friday night. It’s not technically in your jurisdiction, is it? I mean, Friday may be your liaison with the rest of the week but it certainly isn’t your responsibility. Besides, I’m too utterly proud of what was accomplished Friday evening.

My good friend learned how to knit! And good god how quickly she learned. She’s down one ball of yarn and off to buy another one today while she embarks on her first scarf. I don’t remember the yarn or the needle size, unfortunately, but if you’re curious I can find out.


And we’re off to a good start! 

This is the beginning of an infinity scarf- started in the middle of the food court in our local mall. Only a couple stares, which leads me to think that with the number of University students wandering around two women sitting in the middle of a mall knitting is hardly the… weirdest… thing this town has seen.

So I’m sorry, Weekend, but you really can’t hold Friday against me. As for the work that needs to be done…well, Procrastination has always been a good friend and Monday always serves a good kick in the pants. See you in a few days! Maybe we can try again.

Sincerely yours,

The Girl with the Striped Socks


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have Fall Socks

Has anyone ever had a pain–a bruise, for instance–and no bloody idea how it got there? This was me a couple days ago. A large, only slightly hideous, lump appeared on my wrist last week accompanied by some sharp shooting pains. I don’t think I can tell you how much it kind of sucked to knit through it, but more on that is a second. It resolved itself, so no worries anymore- a very kind doctor at my local walk-in clinic said it was just a ganglion cyst. Sounds scary, but it isn’t. Fun fact: they used to be called ‘bible bumps’, because doctors used to slam bibles down on them to cause a rupture and start the healing process.

But no worries, we’ve evolved as a society and now only jab pointy hollow things into our lumps to suck the liquid out.

Despite being an unhappy knitter and an unhappy student for a week–have any of you had to write a twelve page paper with a bum wrist?–I’m still beyond pleased. I FINISHED THE SOCKS! The girl with the striped socks now has them on her feet, and with the cold weather rolling in it couldn’t be better timing. They’ve turned out really well, and I’m really fond of the grey toes… they just seem to pull it all together. Project infatuation is a real thing, guys, and these socks are Exhibit A.

Socks knit in 'Pheasant', WYS Signature 4 ply. 2.25 mm needles

Socks knit in ‘Pheasant’, WYS Signature 4 ply. 2.25 mm needles

The cold weather is also ushering in two important days: Remembrance Day, which is a big thing in Canada, and Christmas. I’m sure that after the first passes, the decorations for the second will start springing up and the Santa Clause coca cola commercials will roll through without delay. Also without delay comes the Christmas knitting.

Christmas present scarf- 100% alpaca, worsted weight, 4 mm needles.

Christmas present scarf- 100% alpaca, worsted weight, 4 mm needles.

I can’t give you the personal details, just in case the important someone reads this, but I have a deliciously soft scarf on my needles right this second. And just let me tell you about this yarn, you guys. Both the grey and the brown are from the same seller, A to Z Alpacas. As you can probably guess, it’s 100% alpaca and it feels kind of like a cloud in string form. I’ve been a fan of A to Z Alpacas for a while now, and have quite a bit of their product- again, my friends have me down as ‘Alpaca Queen’ in their phones so what does that say, really? They’re centred in southern Alberta, Canada, so I feel the extra glow of supporting a local small business when I see my package in the mail. According to their website, they raise over 300 alpacas, meaning they see their yarn (as well as roving and pre-knit socks) from animal to mailbox. She even hand dyes it. Definitely worth the investment, if anyone out there is looking to pad their stash. They sell through their Etsy site, which you can find here:

And no, while I may be a fan of their work, these opinions are my own and I was in no way compensated for including them in this post.

This scarf is a sort of modified linen stitch (and by modified I mean I tried the linen stitch, messed up a bit, decided I liked the fabric my muck-up made and continued on with it!), and will eventually be 78 inches or so. I’m not following a pattern, but I have this vision of it going grey square-striped square-brown square-striped square, rinse and repeat until it’s done. The 78 inches is a tall order, but I’m really looking forward to seeing that someone’s face when they open it in… 49 days?

Good lord. Did I blink?


Welcome to The Girl with the Striped Socks!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ashley, and I am the girl with the striped socks… on my needles, that is. Confused? Hopefully not for long! I’m 21 years old, I’m the proud owner of one very lazy leopard gecko, and I am a Knitter (capitalization here is essential, I promise). As a university student, there are two questions that are always asked, and always get a little annoying:

“What is that going to get you?” (Normally in regards to your degree/major/minor etc.)

“Tell us about yourself!” (Normally asked by a prof or new roommates upon congregating for the first time.)

Funnily enough, these questions also apply to the noble art of knitting. The first is normally uttered by the naysayers, those who haven’t yet been converted to the warm world of hand-knit woolies (beware fellow Knitters: Some of these people may never be converted. Best to steer clear of those people- you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life). Once I clarify what is on my needles, this question is normally followed up by countless variations of the suggestion that I can buy the same thing for less in a Walmart. And in–gasp–multiples!

The second question has more to do with identity. If you ask me this question, my answer will always include ‘Knitter’ (whether or not I include this in my vocal answer or not depends on where we are, although you can rest assured that it’s not in my mouth it’s in my brain). And this really why I wanted to start a blog about knitting. Connecting with Knitters can be hard. We tend to hide, only coming out of the woodwork when something big happens that draws us out… Like a yarn sale, or a live appearance by the Yarn Harlot. I think a lot of my loved ones get a little…. well, what’s the word? Wary?… when I start talking about my current (and sometimes future) projects. Extra kudos to those of you who have changed my name in your phone to ‘Alpaca Queen’, you will all have prestigious positions in my kingdom.

So there it is. If you’re a knitter, or an aspiring knitter, drop in a line below and chat. Hell, if you’re the exasperated loved one of a knitter seeking answers or maybe a bit confused by your Knitter, welcome. You may find help here.

My striped socks are knit with ‘Pheasant’ by West Yorkshire Spinners, as part of their Signature 4 ply line. If you’re a Ravelry member, you can find out more about it here. Really lovely yarn, especially for socks. The 75% of it that is wool contributes to that delicious squish factor (don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about, dude.), and the last 25% is nylon makes it ideal for socks. I have a deep love for self-patterning sock yarns, and this is one the best I’ve worked with. 10/10, would knit again 😉 With one done, and the second well on its way, I can’t decide whether to cast on a second pair or toy with the idea of investing in its sibling…’Blue Tit’. They’ve got quite the bird thing going on. Seriously, a Blue Tit is an actual bird (a beautiful bird), not a medical fascination. And the yarn has some pretty stunning yellow and blue combinations. Where did I put my Christmas list, again?

What do you think of self-patterning/striping yarn? Yay or nay?

With Love,

The Girl with the Striped Socks